A Length of Twine

It’s the small details, the slipups, and the flaws that are a result of human error that make each piece unique

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Had an amazing time at the Renegade yesterday!

I spent hours browsing through all the booths and enjoyed every second of it. Some of my favorite vendors include:

Leslie Francesca - Gorgeous druzy jewelry.

Bird of Virtue - Intricate, geometric, wood-carved jewelry.

Revolution Design House - Featuring the famous boxcar planters.

45 Wall Design - Minimalistic art prints and concrete homewares.

Drywell Art - Humorous and quirky art for foodies.

Art District Printing Co. - Art prints featuring beautiful photography and typography.

Small Adventure - Art illustrations inspired by the great outdoors.

Oh Hello Friend - Adorable stationery items.

Unurth - Beautiful nautical ceramics for the home and garden.

Ashware - Simple and elegant ceramics.

The Renegade is heading to LA next! You can see the rest of their schedule here: http://www.renegadecraft.com/schedule

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